Thursday, May 8, 2008

"Stormin' Norman"

After 4 and a half years, I am finally going to graduate.

Oh yes I know I graduated last December, but I actually get to go through the motions. My family is coming in for the event. I'm sure that my mom and sister will cry. Of course that means I'll cry and then that means that Loren (my youngest sister) will cry. (And I'm sure that Emily and Jessi are crying as they read this.)

But you know what?! I hope that is exactly how it happens.

I want all those cliche` memories to occur. There is a lot of struggle going on in my parents life right now financially and I want this to be a good weekend filled with good memories. I would like it to be a happy weekend. Of course at some point, because we're all tense about what we're wearing and saying, I'm sure there will be some small eruption. And if there weren't I would be seriously concerned because it would mean that someone is running a fever.

But yeah, I hope all those things happen. To see my dad and mom puffed up like blowfish with pride will make it all worth it.

And believe me, all of it was.

There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about all the fun times that I had and shared with many of you. I would not trade the world for my college experience. It was full of all the typical ups and downs that a rollercoaster life like mine entails.

One of my proudest moments will occur this weekend when I graduate. I truly am honored to be an alumna of the one and only University of Oklahoma!

For those of you, who are part of the great tradition, I say: Live on University!

1 comment:

emmy said...

My six-worder comments for that post:

1. Live on University! Boomer Sooner, baby!

2. Papa B would be so proud.

3. OU will never be the same.

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